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194 Results for "rice paper"

Sanbo Origami Box Tutorial, The Sanbo is a traditional origami design. Each box is made out of a single square sheet of paper. No scissors, glue or tape used! Use the tutorial on my blog to make your own., Gift Ideas Project
Tsuzura Origami Boxes, The Tsuzura is one of my favourite boxes. The design is from Origami Boxes, by Tomoko Fuse. It requires 2 square sheets of paper for the top & 2 for the bottom. I used 15cm x 15cm Chiyogami Leaves, Rice Paper & Chiyogami Plum Blossoms papers. With a treat inside, this little box makes a perfect gift. No scissors, glue or tape used! Blogged, Gift Ideas Project
Paper Bead Purses, I make purses from paper beads. I invented a tool that makes the beads so uniform and strong that you can make baskets, purses, and dolls from mere paper., Gift Ideas Project
Paper Bead, This is a paper bead doll. 
I have invented a tool to make uniform paper beads and have made many things with paper beads., Kids' Crafts Project
Paper Bead Bowls, I take all the paper beads I make and weave them together to make this bowl. I make sure I seal the paper with a polyurethane for durability.  Then I use yarn and begin weaving from a circle out until a bowl is created., Home Decor Project
Weaved Easter Baskets, This particular basket was weaved from different colored pastel printer paper.  I had pink, yellow, blue and green.   Made a grid with the main color and I interweaved with the other colors.  You can see the pink mat in one of the pictures.  One of the sides of the basket the main color is yellow.  I joined the sides with hot glue.  The bottom has another color.  
Ok....for the inside....just take a empty plastic gallon of milk  and cut all the way to halfway or you get 6" inches of plastic jug.  Cut out the spout and handle and make sure it's even all around.  Dont worry about the circular indentation that they have on the sides.  When you hot glue the weaved paper grid press it really good onto the milk jug and it will adhere.   For the handle I simply hole punched into the milk jug......NOT into paper.. for security reasons.  I twisted 3 pipe cleaners of different colors and when I threaded them through the holes of the milk jug I twisted the ends of the pipe cleaners., Holiday Project

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